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NEWS FLASH – Contact Centre Outsourcing Disrupter OneChat Awarded Top 25 Customer Experience Management Solutions Providers In APAC – 2017


Outsourcing disrupter OneChat are proud to announce that we have been awarded the prestigious Top 25 Customer Experience Management Solutions Providers In APAC – 2017.

The editorial team at APAC CIO Outlook have analysed top management and performance of 1200 Customer Experience Management solution providers in the Asia Pacific Region over the past several months. They look for companies which have innovative solutions, have shown great promise in serving customer needs and are highly recommended by their current clients.

Moreover, they also take input and feedback from their advisory board which consists of top CIO’s and senior IT managers from mid size and large enterprises in APAC. Head of Advisory Board and ex Medibank Treasurer, Graeme Sala will accept the award on behalf of OneChat and will be featured in the August edition of their magazine.

Graeme Sala – Head of OneChat Advisory Board said; On behalf of OneChat I would like to thank the team for all their hard work and dedication to achieve such an honour. OneChat has been carefully designed and engineered to disrupt the customer management industry and provide organisations genuine partnership and customer centric solutions. OneChat has arrived and this award is testament to our first time, every time ethos.

Stay tuned for the article to be released in October. In the meantime, if you would like to learn how OneChat can assist your business managing the customer lifecycle please and drive your business from a cost centre to a profit centre, dont hesitate to get in touch.

Ph: 1800 01 CHAT (2428)




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OneChat has arrived in Australia. Our management team has over 150 years experience in the outsourcing, business and contact centre fields. Welcome to OneChat. It's time for a change 

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